Yogyakarta Part 1. Cave Tubing and Body Rafting, Goa Pindul.

Hello everyone. Before my laziness take over, I think I better start writing my Yogyakarta vacation stories now. So the story began when some of us talked about how so many of our friends in college (in this case, my friends of year 2006, Anonims) are getting married this year. Thus, the need to have another Aiyoo event (the event which started by all of us saying “aiyoo”, which means let’s go in Indonesian, with exaggeration) was almost mandatory for us. Before this year, we’ve gone rafting, playing paintball, another trip to a ranch for the past 3 years. So we thought of somewhere close to both Surabaya and Jakarta (two cities where most of us are staying) with the hope that this year’s event will have more participants. And that’s how we chose Yogyakarta for our destination. Before I begin, let me say many thanks to Hatta as our anonymous leader and EO. Because as usual, these events won’t even start before some us took an initiative to secure the tickets, prepared for our accommodation, and voluntarily made our itinerary. *standing ovation for Hatta*

We agreed beforehand to make this trip as affordable as possible. We took business class trains from Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung. Our meeting point was the Yogyakarta Tugu train station. We rented a minibus for 17 passengers. The Jakartans bunch was the last to arrive in Yogyakarta at about 7 in the morning, and our friends who stay in Yogya had prepared a nice and simple meal for our breakfast. We had our meal in a moving car, heading for Goa Pindul (Pindul Cave) which located in Bejiharjo, Gunungkidul, about 50 KM from the train station, to make sure we keep on our schedule. We arrived in Goa Pindul at 09.30 in the morning.

Before we really went cave tubing, we had to register our group, finished every administration requirement, and received our equipments, consist of a life jacket and a large tube. For you who weren’t really prepared for cave tubing, there were so many small stores scattered around the secretariat selling t-shirts, sandals, pants and many other things with affordable price. I bought a pair of pants with only 30.000 IDR.

We get 3 guides for our group. Our guides explained that we had to go cave tubing in groups. For example, if there’s only the two of you, then you will have to join another group. In this kind of nature, one thing for sure, listened to your guide well. We went cave tubing along the river with 5 – 12 meters depth inside the cave. The spacing between the river surface and the ceiling is about 4 meters. What we forgot was, we went there on Saturday, in the middle of school holiday. This was why we were floating in front of the cave, waiting for our turn to go in, for almost an hour. When I finally feel like my pants and everything within are fully wet, we went inside the cave with our tube connected to each other (within our own group) and our guide swimming and pulling the front tube. The smell of bat dung poked our nose the instant we entered the cave.

I can’t really put this experience into words because, aside from the smell and my acute fear of drowning, it was very surreal for me, especially when we arrived under a big hole in the ceiling of the cave near the cave exit. Watching the sunlight pierce the river was so beautiful. And in this spot, the visitors are allowed to jump into the river. Of course, I chose to stay put on my tube. Well, beside my main reason of not being able to swim despite the life jacket, I wasn’t feeling really well due to the long waiting while floating. But all of my friends jumped, so I voluntarily took the role of their photographer.

After this cave tubing, it turns out there was something more to offer. We get to try body rafting using the tube on another stream located nearby. The guides took us there by a pickup truck, along with the large tubes. Sadly, once again I had to draw back of this part too. My headache was killing me. I chose to just tag along until the stream, and follow the driver back to the secretariat, and eat a bowl of hot meatballs to make myself feel better. But at least, I got to hear the story and look at the fun pictures they took (yes, I told this to myself a lot to make me feel less regretful).

Here is the price list of cave tubing and body rafting, all equipments and insurance included:

–          Cave tubing : @ 35.000 IDR

–          Body rafting : @ 45.000 IDR

–          Photographer : 160.000 IDR

And here are the photos. Some of them were taken by the photographer that we hired from Goa Pindul. You’ll see the difference in photo captions.




8 thoughts on “Yogyakarta Part 1. Cave Tubing and Body Rafting, Goa Pindul.

  1. pasti kalo musim liburan kesana bakal rame banget ya nduk? Masih tetap terjaga kah, kebersihannya? Nanti sampah dimana2, malas lah..

    • kl kebersihan sih kyknya terjaga ya, krn orang2 sana sendiri yang kelola, tp kalo ramenya iya banget.
      kamu bakalan bete nungguin masuk ke guanya ngambang di atas ban.. >.<

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