Comfort Zone.

Hello, it’s me. It’s been so long since I wrote anything worth reading, hahaha. Seringkali saya jadi agak minder kalau baca tulisan teman2 saya (entah di blog atau di facebook), karena somehow saya jadi merasa kalau saya sekarang jadi terlalu nyaman dengan rutinitas. I got too comfortable in  my comfort zone. Well, it takes time for me to be in this zone, because I kinda had a rough patch last year, so maybe my question is, is it not good to be in a comfort zone for too long?

 I believe that to write something, I need to be inspired, by something, by anything. And being comfortable can only provide so much inspiration. You stop looking into something that might challenge you, or pull you out of your zone. I got lazy doing anything that might screw up my routines. I’ll get defensive when something got a little too interesting, because there might be a price to pay to enjoy it, and I’ve struggled so hard to be this in this position.

 So, do I want to write again? Sure. But do I want to get out of my comfort zone to accomplish it? I don’t know. But then again, maybe, if I look hard enough, there are tons of things that can get me inspired, without being too pulled out of my zone, I just haven’t spend the time or effort to do it. I want to start though. I feel like my brain is just being dormant right now. I really do hope that I can write a long post like before, and not just some journey or sketch posts. See you soon. Hopefully. 😀


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