Padang, West Sumatera. Gorgeousness All The Way.

So I forgot to write this journey and wrote the Kebun Raya Bogor trip instead. I went to Padang for an assignment to a remote area (our Ministry has a lot of projects in all corners of Indonesia) with two of my seniors in 15th of December 2016 until  the 17th. We arrived in Padang at night, so we don’t really have anywhere to go. What we didn’t know was that the project was about 200 km from Padang, so it was quite a journey. Thankfully, or driver was really nice. We depart from our hotel the next day at 9 o’clock, and I thought that we would reach our destination at about 12 o’clock. But boy was I wrong. The journey took more than 4 hours through hilly roads, but the view was amazing. The assignment only took 3 hours, so our driver suggested that we visited some of West Sumatera’s best tourist spots.

The first one was Pagaruyung palace which reside in Batusangkar. The entrance fee was about IDR 10.000 (I’m sorry I forgot). When we arrived there, it was almost sunset, so I didn’t really expect to explore so much, but we managed to rent Minang’s traditional attire which costs IDR 35.000 per piece and took a bunch of pictures inside.

From Pagaruyung, we went to visit a “magical” stone called “Batu Angkek-Angkek”, which has a very interesting legend. Locals said that if you can lift the stone easily whilst wishing for something, then your wish is bound to come true, if you can’t then, well… The stone itself had been weighed by many, and not one had the exact weight. There are pictures in the gallery to give you a better perspective of the stone. However, the caretaker emphasize not to take the legend too deeply, because everything depends on our effort and God’s will. They didn’t charge a certain amount of entrance fee, but you are welcome to give a voluntary donation that you put inside a basket behind the curtain (I’ll show it the gallery).

Here are some of the photos that I took. I really rarely put my own picture in this blog, but the one that I post here was suppose to give a peek inside the Pagaruyung Palace.


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