Eye Study.

Hey everyone. I’ve been meaning to postpone this post until I could write another post that isn’t a sketch. But what can I say. This month is the peak of my workload, and it’s just a miracle for me to even click this page. So here’s my latest drawing (and a very late post) that I made just to practice coloring, and as you can guess, I gave up pretty quick after the first panel because apparently coloring drives me crazy. Here goes…

My friend said it’s creepy looking.. I used derwent pastel and 2B mechanic pencil to draw all of it. I kind of hope that I can get the same result when I draw a full portrait next time. See you!


Drawing Tools.

Hey everyone! So on my last post, Bella, a dearest junior of mine, suggested that I share my drawing tools here. And because I’m so keen on writing and posting (yeah, right), I gladly took the idea. I don’t know if this post is going to be coherent, but I had a lot of fun on the process. I wrote and took the pictures this Friday, which happened to be a very rare day in my office where our task schedule wasn’t so packed,tools_zpsiwho338d and my superior is on a business trip. I took my things to my office only because it has better lighting than my boarding room, and due to the very laid back day, it turned into an art class with my workmates. 😀

I brought everything, including my sketchbooks, the one that I usually use to draw portraits, an A5 Kiky Sketchbooks, and the one that  I just bought on the last post, my pencil case, a charcoal case, and a can full of pencil colors.

But it will be boring if I just describe it with words, so I made some comparisons for the drawing tools. I use 3 kinds of tools: pencil, charcoal, and pencil color.


I don’t really have any preference about what brand my pencils are. Because I don’t think that there really is a standout brand. I have H, B, 2B, 7B and 8B pencils.


I found this tools for the first time about 2 years ago. I exclusively use Derwent for my charcoals, because originally there weren’t many brands that’s familiar for me in Indonesia, and I found out later that Derwent is actually a pretty great one. I’ve alaways wanted to try charcoal for a long time, but never had the chance to update my tools up until then. It’s a great tool if you prefer black and white sketches. The downside is you need to be reaaally neat and careful because it’s pretty messy with crumbs (I don’t know if it’s the right term?), so you might need some tissue, cotton, or even a brush for a neat finish.

Pencil Color.

I actually had some trouble with coloring, so there were only a handful of times that I use pencil color before. But after some trial and error, I think I enjoyed it a little better because there were so much things to experiment with colors. I used to only know Faber-Castell pencils (it’s the most common brand found in Indonesia on my childhood), and after some browsing and trial, I found Lyra as an adequate brand which is slightly better than Faber-Castell. The color is better pigmented and easier to blend. And after I found a pretty big stationery near my office, I have a new favorite, which is Derwent Coloursoft. It has a very soft but pigmented color, that made it so much easier to blend. But unfortunately, it’s pretty pricey, so I jsketch20test_zpse7azvlhhust bought some skin colored ones. If anyone is considering giving me a birthday present, this would be the ultimate one. 😀

So, those are the tools that I use for my drawings. And in this occasion, I’ll just put 1 bonus sketch that I made this noon during lunch, based on one of my favorite artists sketch toolkit04. It’s slightly different because the difference in skill level (of course). Hahaha.


First Drawing in 2016.

Hellooow. So my hopeful resolution to write more every year has come to fruition in the form of a “sketch” post. I have some things in store for “journey” and “rambling”, but dear Lord it’s just so difficult to start. I stopped after I wrote the title. Well, nevertheless, it’s a start, right?

I had a business trip to Manado 2 days ago, and I manage to get a very detail shot of a butterfly (thanks to my dear Xperia) on the wall. My friend said that it stayed still because it was already dying. I felt a little bad when I heard that, but it was a very rare moment where I could capture even the tiniest fur (is it the correct term for insects?) so I just kept taking it.


My new sketchbook!

3 days later, I happened to come home when a certain shipment came from an online shop. It’s a sketchbook. New sketchbook means new drawing! I plan to use this sketchbook for a lighter and smaller drawings, compared to my usual portraits. I instantly think of the butterfly picture, because it will allow me to practice coloring without having to ruin someone elses face, and starting the first page of a sketchbook with a butterfly sound a bit poetic (bear with me for this once). I didn’t use any charcoal, because I want to produce clean and clear colors. I use Lyra color pencil and Derwent color pastel. Here’s the result below.


It takes 2 hours and a huge amount of determination to finish this, because I rarely put so much care in details for any of my drawing before. I still haven’t mastered the patience and temper management to put so many details into a drawing. Well, baby steps, baby steps. See you next time, which hopefully not that long.


VB. Girl Power.

I need to explain a little back story why I uploaded 2 drawings in 3 days. So I got sick 2 weeks back, and I had to have a bed rest for about 10 days at my hometown. I had a gastrointestinal pain, which by my doctor’s analysis was caused by physical and mental stress, which means I had to really watch my food intake even after I got better. So when I got back to Jakarta, I tried my best to avoid anything that can cause stress, hence my drawing frequency is increasing, because it’s something that really helped me release some endorphins. That’s why, my drawing urge which usually comes about once in a blue moon is on fire right now.

This is a drawing of Victoria Beckham, one of those women that I secretly had a crush on. She’s an example of how being a mother of 4 doesn’t stop her achieving her dream of being a fashion designer and an entrepreneur. I don’t get why people always make some fuss about her never smiles. She was pretty fun in some interviews and guest lecture that I watched, so I don’t really think that matters. So, like the Spice Girls always say: Girl power!

I use pencil only and no charcoal again this time, to achieve a cleanlier look. I colored the skin using Derwent coloursoft in grey lavender, pale peach and soft pink. For the bolder color part, I use Lyra pencil color. I must say that I should be bolder and confident in coloring, because my timid effort made the skin looks a little patchy. So I hope I can improve in coloring next time.

My very first coloring. A very timid one I must say, but it made me more confident.

The Duchess.

Hey everyone. While I should’ve written my Bali vacation here already, my laziness devil is haunting me. What I’m going to post instead, is another drawing, done by me after my long bedrest period (I’ll write about this later, maybe). Everybody knows that The Duchess of Cambridge is gorgeous, and I just love the way she smiles in this picture. It’s all pencil, no charcoal with a hint of color with a Derwent grey lavender and soft pink in the lips and cheekbone area. The one thing I regret about this is her hair. She has like the most enviable hair, ever, and I (sadly) lack in the hair drawing department. So here it is, I really hope it didn’t skew too far from the real her.

The Duchess
Let’s just think that she’s having a bad hair day.. T.T

Lips Lips Lips.

I’m sure that most of people have something that’s close to obsession. For me, it’s lips. Most of my make-up budget goes to dozens of lipstick, it’s borderline fetish. That’s why, when I see a gorgeous picture with lips as the prominent focus, I always want to turn it into drawing. Here are two of my drawing that stem out of two beautiful photos of Korean actresses for magazines, one is Sulli for High Cut, and Shin Se Kyung for Marie Claire. Both of them with gorgeous focus on the lips. I know the end result aren’t as similar as I hoped it would be, but well, I loved the process. I drew Sulli fully using pencil, and Shin Se Kyung with pencil, charcoal and color pencil only for the lips. Lips lips lips!

By Requests.

As you all may know, or read from this blog, I LOVE drawing. Especially portrait drawing using pencil. And because I always uploaded it to my blog, path, or instagram account, many of my friends or colleague asked me to draw for them. But the thing is, I’m very moody when it comes to drawing, so I only accepted the request when I’m really in the mood. Here are some of them, who happened to request in the right time for me to finished.